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Life Skills  - Enhancing your chances for success
Education, Guidance and Support in Practical Areas of Life

Life Skills Case Management, LLC has developed a program that is individualized to the client who needs to develop healthy practical living skills as well as a foundation in the community.  It is an intensive program that begins with a comprehensive needs evaluation to develop a plan with specific measurable steps leading towards independence.

Life Skills Education

...uses HANDS ON ASSISTANCE leading towards independence by building a foundation in practical life skills that are not always addressed PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY that is emphasized as a  crucial element

Case Management a coordinated approach to delivering health, mental health, and social services to address specific needs and to achieve stated goals

...focuses on helping acquire needed resources and supports a client as she/he moves through the continuum of care and reinforces goals

At Life Skills Case Management, LLC it is our mission to enhance the opportunity for success, providing personal guidance, support and education in practical areas of life.
Our Philosophy
Success requires integration of the WHOLE PERSON. By identifying and addressing the skills essential to daily living, you will increase your chances for long term success.

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